Meagan McGinnes

Investigative Journalist

The Greater Boston Area

Meagan McGinnes

My life is my message and journalism is my passion.


An Open Letter to My Waiter from “Your Princessa”

I just met you; I am not your “princessa.”. Your hasty Diet Coke refills with jokes about spiking my drinks with tequila were not funny. I actually was scared you might have drugged my drink. I was scared to be too nice and “lead you on.”. I was scared to be rude and possibly make you angry. I was scared that in the end I would come off being “the bitch,” “the tease” when I just wanted to eat my chicken tenders in peace.
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In WOD We Trust

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A Camouflaged Community

Strength-based programs help veterans adjust to civilian life. Forty thousand fans filled Wrigley Field with hot dogs and peanuts in hand, embracing the summer sun and beaming with pride for their beloved Cubs. Before the ceremonial first pitch, 100 uniformed veterans took the field. All at once, they recited their second oath, one to their community, an oath of continued service:
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Fueling the way toward a cleaner future

A hydrogen fuel cell bus will join the TCAT fleet with a two-year lease starting in 2015 thanks to research from the Cornell Fuel Cell Initiative and advances in clean transportation. The bus will be funded by a $13.6-million federal grant that promotes energy-effective transportation around the country, said Doug Swarts, TCAT service development manager.
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Park celebrates past and future growth

It all began in the basement of the Dillingham Center. In a space with no windows, 10 faculty members and about 450 students made up Ithaca College’s original communications department, which had just a single major — television-radio — and a passion for creativity. It was not until the 1973–74 academic year that the Communications School officially became its own entity, separate from the School of Humanities and Sciences.
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The Politics of Parole: A look into Massachusetts' Parole System 

This article is a closer look into the Massachusetts’ parole system and the national struggle between public safety and the monetary means to ensure it.
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ReSET job training program provides free training for green centered technology fields

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Alumna to sell records and music paraphernalia out of retail truck

Amy Bertram ’12 stands with a cardboard model of her retail truck, which will be on the streets of Los Angeles in May. Her truck will sell music products, like records and turntables. Though self-described as “just your average music lover,” Amy Bertram ’12 is definitely not your average businesswoman.
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Local businesses weave the way to sustainable fashion

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Tenant-Landlord relationships have both literal and emotional costs

The city of Ithaca has a high demand for housing and renting options, as upward of 70 percent of housing in the city is rental properties, according to the Cornell Cooperative Extension , which is in large part due to the city’s two colleges. At Cornell University, 85 percent of graduate students and 51 percent of undergraduate students live off campus, according to the Office of Fraternities, Sororities and Independent Living .
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Ithaca female entrepreneurs find growth and support through close TIES

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Dirty Assets

We all chose to come to Ithaca College for one reason or another, whether that reason was academic programs, gorgeous gorges or Ithaca’s status as the No.1 college town. For junior environmental studies major Allison Currier, it was one of the college’s five main values that got her to send in her deposit: commitment to sustainability.
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Meagan McGinnes

I am recent graduate from Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and minors in politics and environmental studies. My education, experience and passion for communications, as well as my leadership capabilities, is what makes me a stand out reporter for the sustainability and social justice movements.

As can be seen in my enclosed resume, I am Co-Editor for the Upfront section of Buzzsaw Magazine, which encourages me to use creative communication and out-of-the box thinking to engage readers and inspire writers. I was the Ithaca College’s Society of Professional Journalists’ chapter president, so I am comfortable organizing events and speaking in front of groups. During my presidency, we were named Chapter of the Year out of 200 other collegiate chapters nationally. I am currently still on the executive board as secretary.
I have also had three internships within the past three semesters. For student employment, I am a President’s Host tour guide. I also take part in community service. I volunteered for a semester with the Village at Ithaca, a group that advocates for equity for children in the Ithaca school system. Lastly, I am a mentor for Big Brother/ Big Sister, where I use my imagination to entertain my "little" and expand her perspective on the world.

In all of these positions, I am constantly applying my leadership and communication skills that I am always working on, through workshops I attend as a Leadership Scholar. With this busy schedule, I have been able to acquire excellent organizational skills, exceptional professionalism and tremendous time management. My leadership experience in my clubs and campus involvement has taught me that hard work and diligence can produce amazing results, and that constructive communication in a group is key to any type of personal or professional success. My work with the Society of Professional Journalism has given me countless opportunities to network, making friends across the country while advocating our first amendment rights. My other journalism experiences have made me even more confident in my career path, continuing to ignite my passion for writing.



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